Spare parts

you spare parts?

Problems with your EPS and EPP tool or your EPS and EPP molds? Then we definitely have a solution for you. At HJtools, we have many different spare parts that can make your tool or molds as good as new. We can also offer repair of your tool if needed.

With 30 years of experience in the industry, we are specialists in the field and can therefore quickly find out which spare part best benefits your tool or molds. So if you are missing spare parts, look no further. We are guaranteed to have what you are looking for.

Few spare parts for EPS and EPP tools with us

We have a wealth of spare parts for your tools. With us, you can get ejectors, springs, ejector handlebars and filling gun holders that fit your tools and molds perfectly. In addition, we offer hollow nozzles and cooling nozzles as well as much more.

If you have problems with your tool or molds, you should therefore contact us as soon as possible so that we can find the right parts for you. We always have a good dialogue with our customers and always work together so we can find the best solutions for you.

If we do not have the spare part you need, we will always try to get it as soon as possible so that your tool can be used again. However, this is rare, as we typically want the spare part in stock that you are missing. Call us or write an email so we can solve the problem with your molds or your tool. You can also contact us by using our contact form on our website.